1. Beastie Bands Order form pdf: Current list of designs available.

2. Beastie bands Designs Photo pdf

Corrections: No pigs and piglets, reindeer are on red background, pretty kitty on black and purple background.

Beastie bands are made of the same soft, stretchy material that surfers wear, Beastie Bands collars are fully adjustable and clip to fit with a strong velcro closure. They have an eyelet for attaching an I.D. and are so lightweight and comfortable that they’re the only collars many cats tolerate.

Beastie Bands come in over 90 designs.

Fill out the order form by choosing the number of each design you would like.

There are no minimum orders.

Let us pick out a colorful assortment of best sellers to speed up your order. Just put a total number of beastie bands you want in assorted total box at the end of the design list.

Re-fill orders can also specify which designs to omit in order to avoid duplications - there’s truly a design for every kitty!!!

Some designs come on a variety of background colors. When we fill orders we insure a variety of colors.

We do not have all colors available at all times. If you specify a color preference on the order form we will try to meet your preference.

If the color design combination is not availble we will subsitiute for you.

Large quantities of a single design may take extra time.

We accept Master Card, Visa, and American Express.

&120.00 and over. (continental U.S. only, Shipped UPS ground). Flat shipping charge of $8.00 will be added to orders smaller than $120.00. All free shipping by UPS ground or USPS priority mail.

Questions. Email:


Thank you.

Wholesale (business account) only order form download pdf format below. Allow 2 - 3 weeks for delivery.

No retail sales to individuals.

First time retail orders of 24 collars recieve a free re-fillable display stand. Display options include an easel stand (pictured) or a wall mounted flat panel. Specify choice on order.

These colorful displays really attract lots of customer interest.

New Prices for 2018.

Downloadable order form and style photos below.

Fax to 1-888-488-8773 or email to twincat@beastiebands.com

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We at Twin Cat are the manufacturers of Beastie BandsTM cat collars. We do not sell directly to the public. We sell to pet stores, veterinary clinics, Humane animal groups, internet retailers and non-profit animal related groups.